Q: Are you  the same guy I have seen on TV?
A: Yes, you have seen me and my cars on Discovery Channel's "Auction Kings", History Channel's "Pawn Stars" and Destination America's "Game of Pawns".
You may have seen my own show "SCREEN MACHINES" on the REELZ Channel.
We have also been featured on news shows on CBS, FOX and ABC Nightline News as well as mentioned on many other shows.
Chances are if you see a Delorean Time Machine replica on TV or in a magazine it is most likely one of ours.

Q: How much does a Delorean Time Machine cost?

A: The average cost of a completed Delorean Time Machine replica costs about $85,000 when you factor in the cost of the Delorean car, the conversion to a "Time Machine", basic repairs and upgrades and shipping.

Q: How much does a plain Delorean cost?
A: Unmodified Deloreans can cost as little as $15,000 for one in bad condition to $40,000 or more for one in great condition. It's all about what you want out of your replica and how good you want it to be based on your budget.
DMC of Houston sells totally new, refurbished Deloreans for as much as $75,000.

Q: How much is the cost of the conversion to a "Time Machine"?
A: The fee to turn your Delorean into a "Time Machine" is $50,000
* Additional options are available for additional fees.

Q: How long does it take to convert a Delorean into a "Time Machine".
A: Our experienced team can do the conversion in less than a month.
We have completed cars for rush jobs in a little as 10 days.
Custom options and other factors such as ordering parts from over seas can add to the build time.

Q: How do you build these cars so quickly?
A: The reason we can assemble these cars so fast is because on our spare time we pre-fabricate
as many of the standard props as we can and store them on the shelf to get ready for the next build.
There is no one else on Earth who can build one of these cars as quickly as we can while maintaining
our build quality. We have more experience building these cars than anyone else.
We have templates, jigs, molds and schematics that allow us to maintain a consistency that is as
close to screen accurate as possible.

Q: Are converted Delorean Time Machines legal to drive on the street?
A: YES! The Delorean itself is unaltered, the parts are securely mounted, all of the blinkers, tail lights and running lights are still in place and functioning. All other functions of the car are unaltered.
Most cities, states, countries allow cars over 25 years old to be specially registered as "Antiques" and will exempt them from emissions testing or other inspections. Check with your local motor vehicle department for more information.

Q: Will any of the parts come off while driving the car?
A: NO. All of the parts are mounted securely with metal hardware, nothing on the exterior is glued or taped in place, everything is mounted with metal screws and rivets. These parts can not be removed without tools.

Q: Will Universal Studios sue me for owning this car?
A: No. Universal Studios loves their fans! They own the film "Back to the Future" but do not own the image of the Delorean car. If you are respectful to them and do not use their logos, images and other properties
in reproduced print, advertising, or etc. without their written permission, they won't bother you.
Therefore, we always refer to the car as the "Delorean Time Machine".
That said, we have an amazing working relationship with NBC/Universal. No worries.

Q: Do you make RIGHT HAND conversions?
A: No, sorry. This is not an option.

Q: Will you ship anywhere?
A: Yes, we have shipped these cars all over the world.
Just like any other car or goods, we can send the car to a dock in Houston Texas and ship it anywhere on the planet that you are willing to pay the fee.
For example, we recently shipped a car to France at a cost of only $2,000

Q: Automatic or Stick Shift?
A: Deloreans come in both automatic transmissions and 5-speed manual transmissions.
The original screen used cars were manual, however we do a neat visual conversion to the automatic
shifter to make it look like it is a manual, so no one knows the difference!

Q: What engine is in the Delorean?
A: The Delorean has an aluminum V-6 made by Renault, Peugeot and Volvo called the PRV-6.
It uses a mechanical Boshe fuel injection system, once properly tuned, they run great!

Q: Is the conversion permanent?
A: Yes, the conversion to a Time Machine is permanent and can not be undone easily.
We will be drilling holes and attaching parts to almost every panel on the car.
Don't worry though, your Delorean will be tripled in value!

Q: Can I still get parts and maintenance for the Delorean?
A: YES! You can get almost every part you could ever need for the car from many Delorean parts
dealers all over the world. When the company shut down pre-maturely in 1982 there were lots of
parts left over and others have been reproduced, others are interchangeable with other vehicles.

Q: How do you get all the information to build these replicas so exactly?
A: I started my quest to do this project in 2004. I made multiple trips to Universal Studios Hollywood
to visit the real screen used Delorean Time Machine. I used my connections in the entertainment
industry to gain access to the car where I obtained detailed photos and measurements of every part
of the car. I also developed a professional relationship with KEVIN PIKE who was the special effects
supervisor that built the cars for the films who helped me with information and build tecniques.
I worked with peers and fans to gather information, parts sources and schematics so that we could build
exacting replicas of the Time Machine.
Later in 2012 this group restored the "hero A car" for display at Universal Studios.
For my participation in the project by sharing research information and parts I was included in the
dedication plaque mounted by the car as "Robert Moseley".
Since 2004, as of this writing, we have built 22 of these replica Time Machines.

Q: What does the standard conversion include?
* Aluminum rear bulkhead
* Flux Capacitor
* Spectrum Analyzer display
* Torin Blower (to the left of the flux)
* High Voltage selector (behind passenger seat)
* Misc. heat sinks and other props on bulkhead
* Time Circuits (programmable)
* Plutonium Gauges
* TFC Drive Switch
* Upper Console
* Speedo
* Internal wire harnesses
* aluminum rear window cover
* aluminum engine deck cover
* aluminum rear vent system
* aluminum riser for Mr.Fusion
* Mr. Fusion
* misc. hoses from vents
* dual oil separators with cross over tube and hoses
* green tubes on right side
* (2) Rear Pontoon Box enclosures
* (2) large blue capacitors
* aluminum cooling grid
* (3) large red capacitors
* (3) large pontiometers
* (3) mounted elbow connectors
* (2) front fender boxes
* (2) top flux boxes
* (2 rear flux boxes with mounting brackets
* (worm hole emitter and mount (on top of car)
* (6) Cable connections
* Flux bands and mesh with brackets
* 2015 License plate

Q: If you replace the rear window with aluminum, will it leak?
A: We have a system of mounting the aluminum with a rubber gasket with silicone sealant
that seals the window from rain, wind and noise. It is safe to wash the car with water.

Q: What types of options do you offer?
A: We can add exterior lighting on the bands, a remote controlled fog machine,
sound effects, engine and mechanical upgrades and more!

Q: How do I know I can trust you with my money?
A: Bob's Prop Shop is an LLC company with a 5000 sqft shop in Dallas, Texas.
You may come visit the shop, my home and verify my ID.
We accept checks and wire transfers to our JP Morgan / Chase Business Account.
Feel free to do a background check on us with the BBB or for any civil suits, you will be satisfied with
the results you find. My customers are also a great resource for references.
Our work speaks for itself.

Q: Okay, I'm ready to change my future! How do we get started?
A: Just give me an email or a call and we can work on the details of sending the deposit and getting
the build underway.